Balcone con vasi di Pelargonium fioriti e colorati

Caring for plants after delivery: ensuring a smooth transition

After receiving your order, it's crucial to give special attention to your newly arrived plants, which may have experienced transport stress. Follow these practical tips to ensure a gentle transition into their new home environment:

1. Handle with care

Upon arrival, gently remove the plants from their packaging. This allows them to breathe and adapt gradually to their new conditions.

2. Place in a shaded area

For the first few days, find a slightly shaded spot for the plants. This helps reduce stress from the change and promotes a smoother transition.

3. Consider repotting

After a few days, assess whether the plants would benefit from repotting into larger containers. Generally, increasing by one or two pot sizes from their current pot encourages healthy, vigorous growth.

4. Tips for miniature geraniums

Miniature geranium varieties can thrive in their original 10 cm pots. However, for stronger growth, consider transferring them to a slightly larger pot, such as a 12 cm one.

5. Root attention

During repotting, take care not to damage the plant roots. Plant them immediately after repotting to ensure good root health.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure a good start for your plants in their new home. Remember, proper initial care can make a difference in their future growth and development.

Happy gardening!

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