Green practices

Our nursery bears witness to our commitment to sustainable practices and meticulous research on the materials we use, ensuring that the beauty of these collector's perennial plants grows in harmony with our environment.

  • We meticulously hand-select each plant that becomes part of our collections and respect the natural rhythms of their growth.
  • We choose an IPM cultivation (Integrated Pest Management): a holistic defense approach that involves a drastic reduction in the use of chemical pesticides. This preserves the health of our crops and the agricultural ecosystem.
  • We use substrates composed of soil with a reduced use of peat. We are committed to reducing the use of this material, as it is a non-renewable resource, and peat bogs are delicate ecosystems.
  • The pots we use are certified and made in accordance with environmental sustainability standards.
  • The greenhouse where we cultivate plants is equipped with moderate heating, ensuring an optimal balance between temperature and energy sustainability."

From the moment they take root to the day they find their forever home, our plants are nurtured with the utmost care, love, and attention.