Tale of a Passion

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
- Audrey Hepburn

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Gabriele, a passionate plant collector with a heart full of green dreams.

Since childhood, he found comfort and joy in the company of plants, a deep passion passed down from his beloved grandmother. Little did he know that this passion would shape his destiny and pave the way for an extraordinary journey.

After completing his artistic studies and exploring various forms of creative expression, in 2016, he graduated from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Milan, specializing in Plant Production and Protection and Green Systems.

Armed with knowledge and a rooted passion, determined to gain practical experience and broaden his horizons, he joined a renowned nursery in South Tyrol. But his thirst for knowledge could not be quenched within the walls of just one nursery. Gabriele was a globetrotter, a seeker of botanical treasures. He embarked on countless journeys across Europe, studying, working, and discovering new plants.

Over the years, he cultivated a remarkable variety of plants, from vibrant perennials to exotic tropicals. But Gabriele wanted more: he wanted to share his botanical wonders with the world and make a difference in people's lives.

At the heart of our story is the rediscovery of Pelargoniums, a plant that holds a special place in Gabriele's heart. In 2016, he came across the captivating varieties of collector's Pelargoniums. These vibrant plants stirred childhood memories when his grandmother's balconies were adorned with beautiful geraniums. It was a nostalgic connection that ignited a newfound appreciation for the uniqueness of each Pelargonium.

Geraniums are far from simple replicas of each other. Each of these plants boasts its own character, a unique charm, and appeal that captivate the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide.

Thus, in 2021, the GEA nursery was born, an acronym for Green Ever After. Located in South Tyrol, a place where agricultural tradition meets sustainable innovation.

The heart of GEA lies in the art of propagation and production of Pelargoniums, Alstroemeria, Hedera, Bletilla, Chrysanthemums, and Aspidistra. This extraordinary small nursery, with an eye for aesthetics and a penchant for creativity, is dedicated to sustainable cultivation and online sales of collector's perennial plants.