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Alstroemeria 'Chinon' is a hardy and adaptable plant that gifts a vibrant display of colorful blooms from may through november. Ideal for embellishing garden borders, particularly in the background, and for enhancing floral arrangements when cut.


The blooms of Alstroemeria 'Chinon' are a captivating display of colors and shapes. With an intense dark red hue, they feature three small petals adorned with a large speckling of yellow-golden-brown. The foliage, with its reddish hues, completes the plant's elegance. This Peruvian Lily is cold-resistant, and in poor soil, it produces stronger stems.

Choose it for:

  • Thriving even in partial shade
  • Creating colorful barriers reaching heights of up to 80 cm
  • Its vibrant colors


  • Hardiness: up to -15/-20°C
  • Blossoming period: May - November
  • Exposure: sun and partial shade
  • Soil: suitable for any type of soil, as long as it is well-drained and permeable
  • Maximum height: 75/85 cm


The plants you will receive are well-rooted adult plants, ready to be repotted in a larger pot or in the ground. In many cases, you may receive plants that are already flowering or about to flower.

Medium and tall Alstroemerias are supplied in 23 cm Ø pots, mini Alstroemerias are supplied in 19 cm Ø pots.

Please note that we have a limited number of specimens available.

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  • Shipping to Italy in 24/48 hours
  • Shipping to Europe in 3-5 days
  • Safe, recycled, and recyclable packaging

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