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Allesley Shadow

Allesley Shadow

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Discover the wonderful Pelargonium ' Allesley Shadow ', a zonal and dwarf variety with decorative leaves and a explosive flowering.


With moderate temperatures, theleaveswhite/cream are tinged with an enchanting combination of green and pink, offering a spectacle of colours. Hisflowers stellardouble, in bright pink/fuchsia tones, are an explosion of vitality. Originating from a prestigious ancient Italian nursery, this variety carries with it a legacy of timeless beauty.

Hybridizer: Carlo Giorgi


  • Flowering period: III-XI (Mar-Nov)
  • Exposure: prefers partial shade and sun
  • Ground: soil rich in organic substance and well drained
  • Height on delivery: 10-20 cm
  • Max height: 20-25 cm


The plants thatyou will receivethey have been carefully trimmed at least once, thus guaranteeing you robust and well-branched plants with different growing points. Please note that these are not freshly rooted cuttings, butyoung adult plants, ready to be repotted into a larger pot. In many cases, you may receive plants that have already flowered or are about to flower.

TheImagesplants are inspirational, showing you how they will grow over time.

Remember we have alimited numberof specimens.

Standard Pelargoniums are supplied in pots12cm Ø. Miniature Pelargoniums, some botanical species and rare varieties are supplied in pots10cm Ø.

Photo © Oliver Jaist

  • Shipping to Italy in 24/48 hours
  • Shipping to Europe in 3-5 days
  • Safe, recycled, and recyclable packaging
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